We interrupt our indefinite hiatus (again) to announce the imminent release of a brand new single.


It’s called Foam Covered Chairs, and it’s a perfect toe-tapping, swing-dancing tune for summer. Hence, released in the middle of our antipodean winter.

But it doesn’t stop there – the b-side We’ll Never Give Your Heart Away is a stripped-back, heartfelt and timeless folksy charmer. An ode to those missed the most.

Both tracks were mixed by the mercurial Nick Larkins at Sideways Studios in Kensington, and mastered by David Briggs. The exquisite artwork above is by Jeremiah James (a.k.a. Jim O’Neill).

So where can I listen to this fine bounty, I hear you ask? From today, you can hear it for free on Soundcloud.

Real Soon Now it will be up on our online store at www.autumngray.com as well as on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Google Music and whatever clumsy effort Microsoft are currently pushing.

And what’s next to come from Autumn Gray? Well, we’re still on hiatus! Not even all of us are in the same country at the moment. But never say never.

We hope you enjoy the music :-)

Much love from Autumn Gray.

Dear friends,

It’s with a great deal of sadness that Autumn Gray bids farewell to life as a band, as we head off into the sunset on an indefinite hiatus.

From our first show back in 2003, we’ve overcome logistical problems on tiny stages, sometimes smaller crowds, recalcitrant guitar straps, and the odd total lack of foldback. Over the years we like to think we’ve improved somewhat – some more mature material; plus a more diverse yet cohesive sound.

We’ve shared stages with many other inspiring artists, and we thank all of you for helping to create so many successful nights. We’ve seen venues rise and fall, and thanks to all of the bar staff who tolerated our usual opening rejoinder – ‘Do we have a rider?’

To the special industry folk who’ve helped us out technically, emotionally and psychologically over the years, we must single out a couple of especially wonderful individuals:

Jimi Maroudas - it’s becoming a well-earned cliche that you are the nicest person in music today. We’ve taken away many lessons from you, and we’ll always be so thankful that you mixed all of our major releases. Long may your star continue to rise.

Nick Larkins - you really helped us take all of the separate elements of this seven-piece-beast and present them as a coherent whole in the live environment. You always turned up early to wrangle unknown PA’s and challenging spaces. You exude an infectious enthusiasm for all of the elements that make up live music.

And to all of the punters, our many friends, partners and wives who came out late to see us play so many times, and those who’ve bought our records, we can only say a humble thanks for supporting us on this journey.

At this stage we’re hoping to play a farewell show – but due to the scheduling conflicts inevitable with a band of seven busy individuals it may not be for a few months. Please, sign up to our mailing-list, or hookup with our Facebook page and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Plus, in true go-against-the-grain fashion we’re going to release a final single as a thank-you, so in truth it’s kind of a ‘farewell launch’.

We’d really love to see you all come out for our last hurrah. In the nature of such things, we’re not saying ‘never again’, but it may very well be.

You will, however, be able to see many if not all of us in our various other musical endeavours.


Autumn Gray

(Jim O’Neill / John Paterson / Matthew Watson / Jeff Clementson / James Rogers / Greg Foletta / Damien Langley)